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K-beauty brand Introduced by C&R Healthcare Global to Singapore is nominated for Guardian Healthy Beauty Awards 2021

eZn pudding hair color, one of the K-beauty brands introduced by C&R Healthcare Global (C&R HG) to Singapore in early 2020 is nominated for Guardian Healthy Beauty Awards 2021 under 3 categories, including Best Newcomers Award, Fans Favourite Award, and Influencers Choice Award.


C&R HG has supported K-beauty brands’ Southeast Asia expansion since 2018 when it was selected by KHIDI (Korea Health Industry Development Institute) to operate the K-beauty pop-up stall and later K-beauty retail store in Singapore. In the last 3 years, C&R HG has helped over 20 K-beauty brands from Korean SMEs to enter the Singapore market. eZn is one of the outstanding brands among them.


When firstly enter the Singapore market, eZn was introduced to Guardian, the No.1 health and beauty retailer in Singapore. Due to the trendy color and high product quality, eZn received raising fondness from local youths. The sales were continuously increasing even during the COVID-19 restricted period when the overall retail was decreasing. In addition, to create eZn brand awareness in Singapore, C&R HG worked closely with both Korean manufacturer and a local distributor to facilitate the marketing activities through various channels, including influencers marketing, SNS marketing, as well as the offline pop-up campaign. With all these efforts, it is glad to see eZn is selected as a nominee for Guardian Healthy Beauty Awards 2021 attributing to its increasing popularity and excellent performance in 2020. 


In the following, C&R HG will endeavour to support more promising K-beauty brands to be successfully launched in Singapore and other Southeast countries.


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