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GE Healthcare-Humanscape, MOU to Revitalize Obstetrics and Gynecology Market

GE Healthcare Korea (CEO Kang Sung-wook) and Humanscape (CEO Jang Min-hoo) announced on the 4th that they signed a memorandum of understanding at GE Healthcare’s headquarters to “activate the gynecological market using Mamitok and form a community.”


According to a report by the National Statistical Office last week, the expected total fertility rate, or the number of babies a woman is stood at 0.9. With the low birthrate and the high-risk pregnancy rate over 35 years old rising, creating a healthy pregnancy environment and health care are becoming more critical.


To meet these times, the government will activate the “Mamitok” solution in the obstetrics and gynecology market. An official impression application of the Korean Society for Obstetrics and Gynecology, which naturally exposes and explains examination information that helps mothers and fetuses in mobile apps so that they can conduct necessary tests, including non-payment.


“Mamitok” is a mobile app for mothers, consisting of an “ultra-voice album” that allows them to watch and store ultrasound images of fetuses taken during maternity care, a “280 days” that provides useful information to parents and a “community” that shares know-how on pregnancy and childcare.


“GE Healthcare has been leading the maternity ultrasound market, including the world’s first embryonic cardiac arrest testing solution and the provision of 4D images,” said Jeon Yong-Joon, executive director of GE Healthcare’s ultrasound business division. “It is expected that this collaboration with Humanscape will expand the customized solutions for mothers in the digital era.”


“GE Healthcare is a company that has more than 100 years of know-how in medical imaging equipment and is responsible for mothers’ health,” said Jang Min-hoo, CEO of Humanscape. “We expect that mothers will be able to safely and systematically manage their health information during pregnancy and their fetuses as they are leading related businesses in the healthcare market.”

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