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C&R Healthcare Global supports Korean digital healthcare products to advance into Singapore’s silver healthcare market

C&R Healthcare Global (hereafter as C&R HG) is promoting the advancement of Korean digital healthcare companies with excellent technology and product service references in the rapidly growing Singapore telemedicine and senior healthcare market through collaboration with local companies’ support.


Currently, through collaboration between a Korean manufacturer of cognitive rehabilitation training software and rehabilitation robots and a remote rehabilitation service company in Singapore, the two companies are pursuing work on a contract and product supply contract to enter the mutual market.


The Singapore Ministry of Health (MOH) launched a telemedicine regulatory sandbox in 2018 and is expected to introduce a license for telemedicine services in the middle of next year. In particular, the number of remote medical service users in Singapore has increased significantly as it coincided with the Covid-19 pandemic last year.


Not only private telemedicine companies but also Singapore public hospitals have participated, and medical targets are expanding to patients with chronic diseases, postoperative consultation, long-term and palliative care, epilepsy, dementia patients, and patients with disabilities.


As part of efforts to expand smart public health infrastructure in line with the aging population, the Singapore government is expanding medical facilities, nurturing medical experts, and supporting medical expenses, while fostering cutting-edge healthcare technologies such as IoT healthcare and remote medical care to increase the efficiency of the health sector.


Singapore is an aging society with 15% of the total population aged 65 and over as of 2020 and is expected to transform into an ultra-aging society with 24% in 2030.


From April 1 of last year, it was possible to receive online counseling remotely using CHAS(The Community Health Assist Scheme) has subsidy and Medisave only for regular follow-up examinations of patients with seven chronic diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and depression, and since last year, it has been applied to remote medical treatment. The types of chronic diseases have been expanded to include 20 types of osteoporosis, psoriasis, and rheumatoid arthritis.




 reference: TODAYyonline

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