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C&R Healthcare Global holds a licensing partnership meeting with a Korean new drug development startup and one of the global big five pharmaceutical companies

C&R Healthcare Global (hereafter C&R HG) introduced Korean new drug development startups to the APAC open innovation manager of a global big five pharmaceutical company in May and concluded a partnership meeting between the two companies.


From last year, C&R HG held a meeting with the open innovation (business development and licensing, BD&L) managers of global pharmaceutical companies with Asian headquarters in Singapore and identified the core technologies they were looking for in Korea.


C&R HG has been arranging partnering meetings between suitable startups and global pharmaceutical companies among C&R’s network that has been build up for more than 24 years in Korea.


Customers who have experienced C&R HG’s open innovation strategy consulting service clearly understand global pharmaceutical companies’ interests and networking information.


Most of the time, they indirectly grasp information through participation in overseas conferences and exhibitions or media articles. However, through C&R HG, they could prepare communication strategies and essential info necessary to attract global pharmaceutical partners.


C&R HG is currently seeking advice on services from representatives of global pharmaceutical companies that it has built up relationships with for the official launch of the open innovation partnering strategy consulting service. Therefore, we plan to launch a service that can satisfy the needs of both Korean new drug development startups and global pharmaceutical companies within the third quarter of this year.

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