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C&R Healthcare Global successfully completed an internship boot camp in Singapore to cultivate global talents in healthcare sector


C&R Healthcare Global (C&R HG) completed a five-day boot camp program for Korean-Sing Health and Medical Global Internship and Start-up School, which began on November 25.


The purpose of the boot camp is promoting understanding and promoting the global healthcare market, and the event was conducted jointly with its parent company, C&R Research.


Major planning programs include ▲ Entrepreneurship Bootcamp ▲ Visit a local accelerating agency ▲ Utilization the global recruit platform for overseas employment ▲ understanding of the industry through networking with employees of the bio-health industry.


In particular, by suggesting opportunities for start-up ideas and simulation operation for corporate operation through participatory workshops, students have gained high satisfaction from the fact that they can think about theories and ways to apply reality learned at school, and have induced much interest in seeking overseas jobs through lectures on utilizing online platforms for overseas employment.


C&R HG has operated ‘Phar-East 2018’ and conducted boot camps for south Korean companies participated in the event. It has also performed global IR for incubatees, which are Korean bio-healthcare companies. C&R HG said it plans to expand programs to support the development of global healthcare talent by establishing an organic cooperative system with more institutions in the future.

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