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 BIOINFRA raises 6 bil won..Investors including Korea investment partners

 Issues 133 new Redeemable convertible preference shares..Korea investment partners, Lion Asset Management, RootN Global Investors participate


BIOINFRA Life Science raised 6 billion won. BIOINFRA is a bio company that has developed a multi-marker blood test called “i-Finder”, which tests the risk of major cancers and chronic diseases with blood.


According to the electronic disclosure system of the Financial Supervisory Service (FSS), BIOINFRA will raise 6 billion won in operating funds through a paid-in capital increase assigned to a third party. Korea Investment Partners (KEB), Ryan Asset Management (2 billion won) and Root En Global Asset Management (1 billion won) participated in the capital increase.


Accordingly, a total of 1,132,074 new shares will be issued as redeemable convertible preferred stocks (RCPS). Payment date is the 16th of this month.


BIOINFRA Life Sciences raised 1.6 billion won in September last year by issuing paid-in capital and convertible bonds to Hyundai Investment Partners and Double UM Investment.


BIOINFRA is a company founded by Seoul National University professor Kim Chul-Woo in 2001 and jointly developed the “i-Finder Smart Cancer Examination,” which informs people of the risk of major cancers with blood.

Early last year, he knocked on the door of the tech-heavy KOSDAQ’s assessment to get listed on the KOSDAQ, but failed to qualify for a preliminary review for listing on the KOSDAQ. BioInfra reportedly plans to retake the KOSDAQ listing as early as this year.


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