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인큐베이팅 사업


최고의 글로벌 비즈니스 중심인 싱가포르에 위치한 씨엔알헬스케어글로벌 인큐베이팅센터(Korea-Singapore Healthcare Incubator)는
글로벌 진출을 통한 기업성장을 희망하는 바이오헬스기업에 One-Stop 서비스 플랫폼을 제공합니다.

씨엔알헬스케어글로벌의 바이오헬스분야경험 및 전문성과 더불어,
파트너사인 싱가포르 대표 자산운용사 Golden Equator사와 Spectrum사의 현지 투자경험 및 네트워크를 접목하여 최적의 기업성장 프로그램을 제공합니다.


Cooperation with GE (R&R)

  • Identify and support Korean companies operating in Bio-tech, Med-tech, Cosmeceuticals, Dietary Supplement
  • Operate incubating center and support tenant companies
  • Invest the ‘Innovation & Technology Fund’ to Korean companies
  • Access to investors and business partners network for advisory and commercialization insights, and regional expansion and market entry strategies

Membership benefits

Global Business · Serve private office
· Support incorporation
Matching Investment Fund · Match investment fund using global network
· Offer opportunities for Investment Relations (IR)
Clinical Development Plan · Provide strategy consulting
· Consult on drug development and operate clinical trials
Global Marketing · Provide strategy consulting
· Connect to distribution channel
Licensing Business · Provide strategy consulting
· Support global licensing
Business Partnering · Provide strategy consulting
· Offer partnering opportunities with relevant companies and investors
Company Promotion · Offer Service/Product showcase
· Connect to interview in online media

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