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동남아시아시장 투자 트렌드 #6 (두바이 TVM 캐피탈, 동남아시아 디지털 헬스분야 투자 주목 )

두바이 TVM 캐피탈, 동남아시아 디지털 헬스 분야 투자 주목


독일 소재 투자회사 TVM 캐피털의 UAE 계열사 TVM 캐피털 헬스케어는 새로운 동남아시아 펀드를 통한 해당지역 헬스케어 디지털 솔루션에 대한 투자를 계획하고 있다. 이 회사는 2억 ~ 2억 5천만 달러규모의 펀드를 조성하고 있으며, 딜스트리트 아시아 사장 Schuehsler는 “올해 중 모금이 마무리될 것으로 예상된다”고 전했다.


TVM 캐피털 헬스케어는 5백만 ~ 2억 달러 정도의 수익을 내는 기업을 대상으로 사업 확장을 지원하기 위하여 1천만 ~ 2천 5백만 달러 규모의 자본 투자를 고려하고 있다고 전했다.


이번 TVM 캐피털 헬스케어의 디지털 솔루션 투자계획 설립 배경에는 싱가포르, 말레이시아, 인도네시아 등 동남아시아 국가들의 특정 디지털 솔루션기술이 개발이 있다. Schuehsler 는 “동남아시아 시장에서 출현하는 디지털 솔루션은 앞으로 일차진료와 가정진료 분야에서 점점 더 부각될 수 있다”고 말하며 “TVM 캐피탈 헬스케어는 이미 수많은 잠재적 목표와 함께 논의를 진행해왔다”고 덧붙였다.


디지털헬스 솔루션이 TVM 헬스케어 솔루션의 핵심 투자분야로 있음에도 불구하고 회사는 제약, 의료기기, 제조, 진단, 병원 등 전통적인 (비디지털) 헬스케어 분야에 대한 투자도 검토하고 있다.


Schuehsler 는 “장기적으로는 병원 외부의 의료 서비스, 즉 데이터를 관리하고 환자뿐 아니라 서비스 제공업체에게도 데이터를 제공할 수 있는 디지털 플랫폼에서 의료 서비스가 통합되는 것을 보게 될 것으로 믿는다”고 말했다.


2010년에 설립된 TVM 캐피털 헬스케어는 항상 중동 국가에 기반을 둔 기업에 투자해 왔다. 이 회사 웹사이트에 따르면, 기존 포트폴리오에는 이집트에 본사를 둔 의료기기 회사인 Amecath Medical Technologies, UAE에 본사를 둔 모성센터 Bourn Hall International, UAE에 본사를 둔 캠브리지 메디컬 및 재활 센터, UAE에 본사를 둔 홈케어 업체 Manzil Healthcare Services 등이 포함되어 있다.


그러나 지난 3년 동안 이 회사는 동남아시아 시장에 초점을 맞추었다. Schuehsler는 “동남아 지역의 민간 헬스케어가 매년 성장해 두 자릿수 비율의 성장이 기대된다” 고 전했다.


TVM 캐피털헬 스케어의 총자산(AUM)은 현재 1억5천만달러에 이른다. 한편 모회사인 TVM 캐피탈은 20억 달러에 가깝다. 향후 2~3년간 TVM 캐피털 헬스케어는 기존 포트폴리오 기업의 분할 계획을 계속 검토할 예정이다.


Dubai’s TVM Capital eyes investments in SEA’s digital health sector


TVM Capital Healthcare, the UAE arm of Germany-based investment firm TVM Capital, is eyeing investments in digital solutions in Southeast Asia’s (SEA’s) healthcare industry through its new SEA-focused fund, its CEO and chairman Helmut Schuehsler told DealStreetAsia.


The specialist healthcare investment firm, headquartered in Dubai, is in the midst of raising an SEA-focused fund, the target of which is slated to be $200-250 million. It’s expected to achieve the final close during the course of this year, said Schuehsler.


Once raised, TVM Capital Healthcare will look at growth-capital investments in companies that have revenues as diverse as $5 million to up to $200 million. The firm is looking at a ticket size of $10-25 million to support the expansion plans of healthcare companies.


TVM Capital started the pre-marketing process of its SEA-focused fund in late 2018, at about the same time when it raised a new fund for the Middle East. The two processes were conducted after the firm’s third emerging market-focused healthcare fund was pushed to the backburner.


In early 2016, TVM Capital Healthcare launched a $300 million fund, according to media reports.


TVM Capital Healthcare’s plan to invest in digital solutions comes along with the development of certain technological digital solutions in a bouquet of SEA countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia. The digital solutions that are seen in these markets could increasingly emerge in areas of primary care and home care, among others, Schuehsler said, adding that the firm has already held discussions with a slew of potential targets.


Even as digital health solution remains the firm’s key focus, it is also looking at clinching investments in the traditional (non-digital) healthcare sector such as pharmaceutical, medical devices, manufacturing, diagnostics and hospitals, among others.


“I do believe that in the long run, we will see an integration of healthcare services outside hospitals, on digital platforms that are able to manage data and make them available not only to the patient but also to service providers,” Schuehsler said.


Founded in 2010, TVM Capital Healthcare has always invested in companies based in Middle Eastern countries. According to the company’s website, its existing portfolios include Egypt-based medical devices company Amecath Medical Technologies, UAE-based fertility center Bourn Hall International, UAE-based Cambridge Medical and Rehabilitation Center, as well as UAE-based homecare provider Manzil Healthcare Services.


However, over the past three years, the firm has turned its focus on the SEA market. “We expect private healthcare in Southeast Asia will grow and double-digit percentage numbers every year,” said Schuehsler. “Our strategy is not to invest one time and then just let it go. We continue to support the company financially as long as we have shareholders,” TVM Capital Healthcare’s total asset under management (AUM) currently stands at $150 million. Meanwhile, its parent company TVM Capital manages close to $2 billion. Over the next 2-3 years,


TVM Capital Healthcare will continue to review the divestment plan of its existing portfolio companies.


In June 2015, the firm exited UAE-based ProVita International Medical Center thereby selling its stake to local company NMC Health for $160.6 million. Later, in January 2020, the firm sold Abu Dhabi-based Wahat Al Aman Home Healthcare to India’s Aster DM Healthcare or $28.6 million.


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